Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry includes prophylactic activities aiming to prevent development of dental caries, as well as to eliminate already existing caries. As part of conservative dentistry, we also provide primary treatment of oral mucosa and periodontal diseases.



Prophylactic activities include hygienic procedures (cleaning), i.e. scaling with sandblasting and varnishing, i.e. fluoridation. Thus, conservative dentistry is the area that patients encounter most often, and which is the first and most important step to maintain oral health.


In most cases, the elimination of caries involves removal of decayed tissue with a drill, and filling the cavity with light-cured composite material. At our facility, we place importance on the aesthetics of the suggested fillings with regard to front teeth, and mechanical strength and functionality with regard to cheek teeth. During treatment we use materials from various manufacturers, choosing the most suitable parameters for a given usage. We use only good quality and recognised products.

Of course, treatment is completely painless. If necessary, well-selected and safe anaesthesia is always applied.