One of the supporting fields of classic dentistry is implantology. Its essence is insertion of a tooth replacement with the use of an endosseous implant, which not only ensures higher comfort than in the case of standard prosthesis, but also provides a much better visual effect. It must also be emphasised that introduction of implantological treatment helps to avoid negative effects of a tooth loss in the context of health.

A complete and healthy smile is extremely important for numerous reasons – dental deficits may cause various hang-ups, discomfort and loss of self-confidence. Importantly enough, an uncompleted gap after a lost tooth may bring health consequences in the long run, such as e.g. disorders in the function of the temporomandibular joint and displacement of other teeth, and increased risk of their overload and injuries. Therefore, regardless of the cause of the tooth loss, it is extremely important to fill the resulting deficit as soon as possible, e.g. with the use of solutions offered by implantology. At our facility, we use only recognised materials and the latest methods, which translates into excellent effects of the implant therapy. What is also important is that implants are fixed restorations characterised by high durability, which largely increases the patient’s comfort.

The restoration of missing teeth using implants is related to insertion of an endosseous implant, which is an equivalent of a dental root. Its insertion is a surgical procedure conducted under adequately selected anaesthesia. After the implant is inserted, the healing period and implant integration with the bone takes place, followed by insertion of a tooth substitute in the form of a crown.