Aesthetic Medicine

In recent times, more and more women and men undergo procedures offered by aesthetic medicine. This is no surprise, since the world moves on, and development is seen in every aspect of human life. It is now possible to take care of our body using low invasive methods of supporting our health, beauty and general well-being. After all, ‘fine feathers make fine birds’.

And although many people may frown at such a statement, you must not ignore the fact that appearance is the first filter which we are judged by. It is simply worth taking care of this first impression. Not to mention situations when one little thing is a cause of huge hang-ups. So, why not improve something that we can improve? Especially, if this helps us feel better and simply be a happier person.

At our office, we provide facial treatments with special regard to the mouth region.

As part of smile metamorphosis, we perform so-called bonding and veneers, ensuring beautiful teeth, improving their shape and colour, and we also model lips with hyaluronic acid preparations. A complex approach ensures the best possible effect, which will satisfy even the most demanding patient. We encourage you to watch our gallery, where we present metamorphoses done by us. You may see that sometimes event the smallest corrections give a spectacular effect. Please remember that at our facility, aesthetic medicine focuses on the true meaning of this term. We only use methods and preparations with appropriate certificates, and the effects we achieve are not overdone and do not change nature, but slightly correct certain shortcomings.