Aesthetic Dentistry

Nowadays, conservative dentistry more and more often goes hand in hand with aesthetic dentistry, and patients care about not only healthy teeth but also a dazzling Hollywood smile. This is no surprise, since smile is part and parcel of our image and can break even the hardest ice. It does not have to perfect, but sometimes even subtle changes make a difference, giving self-assurance and a wider smile.


At our office, we offer a full range of treatments improving your smile aesthetics. If you are not satisfied with your tooth colour, we may propose whitening – both tray-based and in-office (with or without laser). At the visit, the doctor will suggest the most adequate method in a given situation. Our most often regimen is one or two 1-hour sessions in the office, followed by the preparation of trays for home use to strengthen and maintain the achieved effect. This way, the patient may enjoy a white smile regardless of the passing time.


If you have a problem with white spots/decalcification affecting tooth enamel being a consequence of a starting decay process or mineralisation disorders, we may use the Icon preparation, whose purpose is to eliminate this kind of lesions. Such spots are problematic for many people, since they treat them as an aesthetic defect. In the past, it was necessary to use invasive methods to restore even enamel colour. Fortunately, in order to meet patient expectations, a resin has been recently developed which enters/infiltrates the porous tissue, changing the refractive index and making the unaesthetic spots disappear, while the tooth structure is strengthened.

If, aside to changing the colour of teeth, you care about changing their shape, we may propose bonding or ceramic veneers. Bonding involves covering of teeth with a special, dedicated to aesthetic reconstruction, composite material cured under a UV lamp. Bonding enables slight changes in the shape and length of teeth, as well as significant improvement of their colour, resulting in a whiter smile. And ceramic veneers are one of the best methods to improve the smile aesthetics. They are extremely popular, since they ensure a Hollywood smile using a little invasive method. These are thin coverings placed on the external (final) surface of the tooth, resulting in a change of the tooth shape and colour. They are characterised by high aesthetics and also high durability. Moreover, they are extremely resistant to discolouration, so they ensure a beautiful, white smile for many years. It must also be emphasised that ceramic veneers are not susceptible to carious lesions.