About us Our team

Our team is a group of the best specialists with experience and passion. We are happy to work together. It is our pleasure to introduce the team members:

dr. Maria Czajka

I graduated from medical and dental studies at the Medical University of Lublin.

What I find the most interesting at work is surgery, prosthodontics, as well as aesthetic medicine and dentistry. In these areas I develop my knowledge and skills, participating in numerous training sessions, courses, and conventions.
At our facility, I mainly deal with complex reconstruction of occlusion, focusing my attention on both the functionality and final aesthetic effect, which, as we all know, is extremely important nowadays.

I am 100 per cent devoted to my work and I try to apply an individual approach to each patient, so as to take care of their problem from start to finish. I know that everybody has different priorities and expectations at the visit, so I always try to take them into account in the treatment plan. I am also aware how stressful for many people a visit at the dentist’s is; therefore I try to change this attitude and I always care for a comfortable and nice atmosphere.
Ma daily activities include sport of any kind, from fitness, through crossfit and numerous other activities, ending with OCR. I love travelling and I also like to read an interesting book in solitude. I constantly widen my horizons in various areas. It’s a bit like at work – I am not focused on one aspect of life, I love to get to know its various aspects.


dr. Michał Zmorzyński

I am a specialist of maxillofacial surgery. After graduating from a dental faculty in 2004, I started work at the department of craniomaxillofacial surgery, oral surgery and implantology at the Medical University of Warsaw, reconciling work with the last years of studies at the medical faculty. Currently at my work I focus on orthognathic surgery and implantology, especially on the use of computer graphic techniques in the planning of surgical procedures. A special area of my interest are procedures of soft and hard tissue reconstruction. I am also a lecturer at the Polish Osstem Education Centre.

Anna Rysinska

dr. Anna Rysińska

I graduated from the Medical and Dental Faculty at the Medical University of Warsaw. Dentistry is my passion. I deal with orthodontic treatment of children and adolescents. I am patient and approach each person on an individual basis. I always try to find the best treatment method for each patient.
Aside to work, I love the theatre, good crime stories and skiing. I enjoy travelling, both far and near, local cuisine and motor vehicles.

Sofiia Karakulova – dental assistant

I graduated from a post-secondary medical school, faculty of “dental assistant” with good results. For 3 years, I have been assisting doctors of various specialties. I am a creative person, I play the violin and the piano. In my free time, I love painting, spending time with my family and cooking. Currently, I study at the Higher school of applied computer science and management”, at the faculty of “Business leadership”. I am fluent at Russian, Ukrainian and Polish.

Ewelina Woźniak – registration worker

I come from Lublin, to which I always return with pleasure.
In 2015, I graduated from the faculty of financing and accountancy at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.
In 2020 I took a course for medical registration workers.
At work, I place importance of accuracy and patience.
I always try to meet the patients’ needs.
In my spare time, I like reading crime books and thrillers. I love dancing and travel.