Paediatric Dentistry

Good dentition is extremely important not only in adults, but also in the case of younger patients with milk teeth, whose conditions significantly affects possible occurrence of various health problems in the future. It is paediatric dentistry that focuses on the prophylaxis and treatment of teeth in children and adolescents. It is a separate field, since the oral cavity of young patients significantly differs from adult dentition, which is related to specific management and treatment methods.

Paediatric dentistry involves not only prevention and treatment of diseases of teeth and oral cavity in children, but also ensuring a comfortable visit. To meet expectations of our youngest patients, we have extended our offer with colourful fillings, and if that turns out not enough to make a child cooperate, then perhaps a basket with prizes for a brave patient will do the job? The doctor will certainly try to ensure good cooperation and full treatment in a stress-free atmosphere, encouraging the patient to subsequent visits at the office. For the most scared children, we will conduct an adaptation visit, during which the little one will get familiar with the equipment and will feel more secure in the new environment (after all, we are less scared of things we already know!). If needed, we also offer treatment with the use of laughing gas in order to make the visit more pleasant. Thanks to all that, paediatric dentistry does not have to be associated with pain, tears and fear.